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As we now know up to 60% of everything we put on our skin is actually absorbed into our blood stream it makes sense to use make-up which is formulated using only good things. I gave not wearing make-up a go, didn't really work for me so after many hours of research we are now stocking a small range of benecos cosmetics.  

Orders over £15 qualify for free postage and a 10% discount. Smaller orders can be added to our monthly order and will be available for collection/delivery if you're local.

I'm happy to bring testers, my PlayStation, to your Events, go on you know you want to have a play with the colours!

                                      Oh and about 70% of the range is Vegan. 

To give you an idea have a look here and let me know if any of the cosmetics jump out at you. 

The benecos range includes 19 vibrant, vegan nail polishes and one crystal clear top coat. 

These nail polishes are not certified natural but contain up to 90% naturally based ingredients.

January 2022 ~ 

Maybe it's just me but . . .

this simple little Lip Balm tastes just like Maltesers and at just £2.95 it's a good find.  

Smooth, soft and long lasting. I've applied lip colour over it without any dodgy 'splitting' or bleeding around the edges. Feels comfortable and protecting without any stickiness.

There are six other flavours, haven't tried vanilla* but can vouch for the freshness of the others.  * Well, we are now in June and I have indeed tried the Vanilla - actually more than tried it, I'm on my second tube!